Los Angeles has Cancer — Stephen Corwin on Medium

This is a scathing opinion piece looking at the negative influences of space and place, specifically cars and car culture. Corwin argues passionately against the takeover of cars in to the city space and how it is anything BUT enriching. It is full of examples of what NOT to do, and therefore offers suggestions on […]

Musical Bike Rack Designed To Add Joy To Boring Infrastructure

Even just a little play mixed in to your daily activities can make a huge difference. Last summer, artist George Zisiadis started playfully reimagining parts of the urban infrastructure that we usually ignore. What if parking meters could become gumball machines, or subways could turn into rollercoasters? How could the everyday parts of the world […]

Want Jobs? Build Bike Lanes | Fast Company

The Federal government, as well as places like Seattle, WA, right now are pushing for more freeways, bridges, and car-focused infrastructure, but bikes may be a better solution with a faster return on investment: …In reality, bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects generate more than just peace of mind. They also generate 46% more jobs than […]

Scent Map of Seattle’s Burke-Gilman Trail

"When you’re riding a bike and breathing deeply, something about the blood flowing fast and oxygen flooding your system heightens the senses — especially the sense of smell, it seems. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Not always. Here’s a map of sensational sniffs discovered along the western legs of the Burke-Gilman Trail during commutes between […]