Painting at the park

A wonderful case study on free play. Giving ourselves and others permission to explore is critical.


Working as a nanny often means I am the only adult around all day. This can feel isolating at times, especially as I am slowly losing my nanny friends who are choosing to stay home with their own children.

Just as it takes time to find the right fit between nanny and family, it takes time to find other nannies who operate under the same play priorities as I do. It’s not that we can’t play with other nannies and children who don’t have the same philosophies, we do. But it is so much less stressful when everyone is in agreement about how things should be.

Fortunately, the kids have a couple of good friends from school, and those friends have very play supportive parents. We met up with one of those families today at a park.

We brought along some cornstarch and food coloring to make sidewalk paint, but…

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