An Artist’s Quest: To Force Strangers In Cities To Talk To One Another | Co.Exist

Sometimes all it takes is one person to start a neighborhood to start talking and engaging with one another. Someone moves in and throws an open house. Or even a garage sale. So how can art, or an artist, inject “love and play” into a community, particularly when the younger generations trust each other less […]

Introducing Park-A-Park: Vancouver’s Recently Launched Mobile Parklet | Spacing Vancouver

Have you ever wandered into a neighborhood or parking lot and thought, “Wow, this space could use a nice mini-park, or even a bench.” Well, here you go! A colorful banner pasted alongside the bin’s rough exterior cheerfully announces ‘Park-A-Park’, the mobile parklet that launched on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive at the tail end of July. […]

Ear Sculpture Listens To Citizen Complaints

Making space for listening and being heard… The normal procedure for submitting a complaint to the government is to write a letter, send an email, or make a long drawn-out phone call. In Seoul, South Korea, there’s an alternative – yelling into a giant sculpture shaped like an ear. Designed by artist Yang Soo-in, and […]

Energy drink maker Red Bull proposes skate-able art investment for Myrtle Edwards Park

The Seattle City Government Parks & Recreation site recently hosted a public meeting to gather input on a proposed public art piece in Myrtle Edwards Park that will be used for skateboarding. Energy drink maker Red Bull has approached Seattle Parks and Recreation about making a community investment that would include commissioning an artist to […]

Adding art to Belltown, Seattle

Originally posted on Storefronts Seattle:
Storefronts Seattle is proud to announce the first two of three projects in the Belltown neighborhood! Ingrid Lahti One Pacific Tower, 2006 First Avenue, Belltown Through June 2013 Ingrid Lahti traditionally works in neon, but has branched out into illuminated lighting gels in her new installation at First and Virginia.  Inspired…

In Gritty Sao Paulo, Artists Take To The Streets : NPR

A great example of actively adding art in urban settings in order to create enrichment for its inhabitants: Urban landscapes have always inspired art, and Brazil is no exception. A new crop of artists like Matos not only is taking inspiration from Sao Paulo‘s streets but also is trying to give something back. Matos covers […]

When is Whimsy Not Wanted? Or Harmful?

When does public art and playfulness interfere with the health and well being of other living things? That can be up for debate… more often than we think. The war between whimsy and responsibility is an ancient one, and it is raging in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Someone, and you’d be hard pressed to […]

Music for the Masses

Originally posted on The Dirt: Daily Tous les Jours, a Canadian interaction design group, creates wonderful multi-disciplinary media projects in public spaces. According to the designers, the idea is to harness mass participation to create one-of-a-kind musical events. At the same time, they also totally change the character of public spaces, getting people to have…

“Space Matters” – Mehmet Ali Uysal | 2Modern Blog

Super cool! For Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal’s space is paramount, hence the title of this body of work, ‘Space Matters’. Always concerned with how to reshape the space around him, in his art he has achieved this exploration seamlessly. A giant clothespin pinching the landscape, Uysal takes the place of the work as the […]