I Played The World’s Largest Tetris Game | The Creators Project

A first-hand account of being involved in a large community-organized play event. As much as I love Philadelphia, I never considered it a breeding ground for innovation, but over the past few years, the city has built up enough of a tech scene to spawn an entire week dedicated to celebrating it. To kick off […]

These are the most fantastical playgrounds ever built

Having fun, exciting spaces to play is important for both kids and grown-ups, so it’s nice to see what’s out there for kids, and hopefully grown-ups will follow suit. When you’re a kid, visiting an amazing playground is the greatest experience ever. And these fantasy-themed playgrounds around the world have us wishing that we were […]

Twitter to Install 19th Century Log Cabins in its SF Headquarters | Inhabitat

Do you think better in a small, cozy place, or something a little more rustic than modern offices? Twitter now has got its employees covered in that department. Employees at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters will soon have a chance to tap their creativity inside repurposed 19th century log cabins. The tech company has made a […]

Gorgeous Viewpoint Platform Invites Busy Londoners to Enjoy the Wildlife of Regents’ Canal | Inhabitat

Living in a big city like London, even with parks and trees, it can be hard to find a spot dedicated to just being quiet and taking in nature. So the Finnish Institute of London, The Architecture Foundation and London Wildlife Trust just unveiled Viewpoint, a floating platform where Londoners can slow down and enjoy […]

Don’t stop knitting! It keeps you healthy. : TreeHugger

Taking time to destress and be creative has great benefits, both physically and mentally. Take knitting, for example: It turns out that knitting has incredible health benefits. It makes people feel good in just about every way. A bit of research has revealed a wide range of ways in which knitting helps humans cope, physically […]

Goodbye screen time, hello awesome kid | Offbeat Families

A great example of how letting your kid have free play, and encouraging it over screen time, can have wiiiiide reaching positive consequences. Four months ago, I told my husband that we needed to cut out all screen time during the week. While he understood the merits of the proposal, he balked at the logistics, […]

Ear Sculpture Listens To Citizen Complaints

Making space for listening and being heard… The normal procedure for submitting a complaint to the government is to write a letter, send an email, or make a long drawn-out phone call. In Seoul, South Korea, there’s an alternative – yelling into a giant sculpture shaped like an ear. Designed by artist Yang Soo-in, and […]

The tent is too damn high: Camping comes to the city

Originally posted on Grist:
Thomas Stevenson Roughing it with Bivouac NYC. “It was a time to socialize and look at the stars,” says 24-year-old Ariel Abrahams, describing a recent camping trip. He talks about “the rush of the water from the creek, the chirping of birds,” and the trees standing close around him. Susie CagleJoin…

Dalston House: where every visitor becomes Spider-Man – video | Art and design | guardian.co.uk

A Victorian terrace has popped up in east London that lets you swing from its ledges, run up its walls and generally defy gravity. Architecture critic Oliver Wainwright hangs loose at Dalston House, the novelty installation by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich. The artist talks about “enjoyable discovery” and playing with spaces that you might not […]

Teatro del Mare celebrates public space, community

A fun way to encourage public participation in space and creativity. In order to celebrate its 10 years of activity, the artistic centre Lungomare in Bolzano Italy has recruited the ConstructLab/exyzt team composed by Alexander Römer, Gonzague Lacombe, Patrick Hubmann and Mattia Paco Rizzi. The result is the creation of Teatro del Mare, a wooden […]