Tree Hugging Now Scientifically Validated – Uplift

The term “tree hugger” has been applied to people viewed as uber-liberal or too idealistic, however… “it has been recently scientifically validated that hugging trees is actually good for you.” Research has shown that you don’t even have to touch a tree to get better, you just need to be within its vicinity has a […]

Photographer Takes a Boy with Muscular Dystrophy on an Imaginary Adventure | Colossal

Undoubtedly inspired by Mila’s Daydreams series, an awesome interpretation: Slovenia-based photographer Matej Peljhan recently teamed up with a 12-year-named Luka who suffers from muscular dystrophy, to create a wildly imaginative series of photos depicting the boy doing things he is simply unable to do because of his degenerative condition. While he can still use his […]

For developing brains and global health, it’s all about the trees

As I head off on my latest grand adventure (a road-trip across Washington State), I will be driving through some fairly pristine landscapes; prairies, desert, forests, river basins. I love experiencing natural environments, even if it’s only from my car window. I find it rejuvenating and relaxing, more than a 90-minute massage! And enough research […]

The Benefits of Daydreaming

I am a HUGE fan of Jonah Lehrer and his exploration of science and psychology, so I was thrilled to see his new article in the New Yorker about how important it is for us to daydream (which is a big part of make-believe play). Humans are a daydreaming species. According to a recent study […]

How exercise affects the brain: Age and genetics play a role

From Science Daily: Exercise clears the mind. It gets the blood pumping and more oxygen is delivered to the brain. This is familiar territory, but Dartmouth’s David Bucci thinks there is much more going on. “In the last several years there have been data suggesting that neurobiological changes are happening — [there are] very brain-specific […]

Baby brain science explores human knowledge

Happy Friday! I read this article in the New York Times about Dr. Liz Spelke, at Harvard University, who studies the neuroscience of babies. Dr. Spelke is a pioneer in the use of the infant gaze as a key to the infant mind — that is, identifying the inherent expectations of babies as young as […]

It really is the journey rather than destination

Nice interview from Salon with scientist Shimon Edelman about how scientists are discovering neural patterns to the behaviors and activities that make humans happy; turns out the act of learning is often more rewarding than what we learn: Shimon Edelman, a cognitive expert and professor of psychology at Cornell University, offers some insight in “The […]

Creating new designs through play, brain waves

Very cool video from B-Reel, Scandinavian furniture brand Varier and Oslo agency DIST Creative, on a project that involved creating fabric designs based on brain waves, specifically the brain waves of children playing and exploring: Using some of the findings from its Mind Scalextricsexperiment, B-Reel used a headset to measure the brain waves of three […]

Playing leads to lower Alzheimer’s risk

From USA Today: People who engage in activities such as reading and playing games throughout their lives may be lowering levels of a protein in their brains that is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests. Although whether the buildup of the protein, beta amyloid, causes Alzheimer’s disease is debatable, it is a hallmark […]